Setting Sail

Hello all, and welcome those that are new to Goreacraft, I thought it would be best to tell everyone my side of the story before i breakdown the structures of Goreacraft.

(If you want to skip the nostalgia post just read “the future” section)

The idea of modded minecraft packs have been an idea for quite sometime. Beforehand I used to only dabble with mods such as the original piston mod and the original tekkit pack, and whilst that was fun I only started diving into the modded minecraft scene with the release of FTB Ultimate. Low and behold my friend mentions a server by the name of Goreacraft, and that’s where the adventure began.

I then took a break from minecraft for a year but I never forgot about Goreacraft. And so with me being rested I came back to Ultimate to play again and enjoy my time there. Five years pass and with the rest being history I am here as an admin writing this post.

As of recent however we have been struggling financially and unfortunately reality caught up with us. So instead of sitting in a corner and crying and potentially blaming others for the faults of our decline I thought it would be best to look back at Goreacraft.

FTB Beyond

Beyond….beyond...beyond. I thought it would be best to get the negatives out of the way so we don’t bog down this post.

Modded minecraft was fragmented between versions of 1.7.10 to 1.10. However FTB wanted to change that with the release of their new flagship modpack “Beyond” releasing on minecraft version 1.10.It was a new day, a new environment and with Goreacraft and the team full of knowledge and confidence we tackled 1.10 in a big way.

1.10 was already out and small packs were available so we were already dipping our toes into the 1.10 environment, and we made critical decisions which would cause the outcome of FTB beyond. “Infinity lite” was okay but there was a lot missing, and whilst Direwolf20 1.10 was playable we felt that it didn’t have that Direwolf essence that 1.7.10 or any of the previous direwolf packs had at the time, and so we made the decision to keep 1.7.10 DW20 active for the time being until something else was to come along. Unfortunately not all packs were all good and dandy. We would have gone with a Skyfactory 3 server if it wasn’t for the poor performance and the poor modpack design which allowed players to speed through the pack with so much convenience that it felt like a speed run, rather than a pack to experience the mods itself.

So with the minor packs out of the way and with custom plugins at the ready we moved to the latest flagship with hopes in our eyes. Testing was fine and players found no real issues as we strived into unknown grounds, we were ready for the times ahead. However the good times weren’t going to last for too long. As days went past we started to notice the cracks in the painting. And as much as I would love to rant about every specific detail I will keep this short. Unfortunately Beyond suffered a lot of technical and performance issues which we as a team could not figure out how to solve and neither did we have the power to change such drastic issues. Beyond also suffered from majorly flawed game design problems which tainted the kitchen sink modpack creating a terrible synergy between mods that made the pack fall flat on it’s face.

I think ignorance is bliss is the best way to sum up these chain of events. In retrospect i think this was probably the killer and having to face such a monumental task only to be essentially told that you don’t have the power to fix the issues can really demotivate people, which could’ve been one of the causes of Goreacraft’s decline in numbers.

But before I leave this topic, I think it’s best that I thank the testers, and the staff specifically Desurasu, Musicmanpwns and Mouse_73 for enduring the harsh environment of beyond, I know we didn’t get much out of Beyond but we did learn a lot from our attempts and mistakes which overall I believe is a positive.

FTB Infinity

1.7.10 was available for sometime now, and there were packs already out and about in the community. However Infinity was to be FTB’s new flagship modpack and with it being released we jumped onto that pack to see what potential we could get out of infinity.

With 2 years gone by and with a few bumps along the way, this pack has held strong. To date I still believe it is the best pack for variety and potentially one of the best kitchen sink modpacks to come out from the FTB team. And although we have had trouble with mods such as Witchery, overall it has been a smooth ride.


With the start of Infinity there was much hope as to what it could bring, and I believe that with a PvP environment it not only gave another dimension to the pack but also enhanced the overall experience. Tinker’s construct with Extra TiC brought an in depth weapon forging system, coupled with mods such as Blood magic, Botania and Witchery that gave a variety to the pack that a lot of servers didn’t have at the time, and potentially will not have at all. And whilst there were times where PvPers would infuriate me and make me have to do more work, admittedly you did give the server a unique experience, so I think it’s best to thank you dedicated PvPers for joining us in our minecraft adventure as i think it's apt that you were a necessary evil.

PvPers weren’t the only ones that made this pack so enjoyable. I would like to thank all the builders that breathed creativity into the world with mods like Chisel and Microblocks. (No i will not include decocraft, it makes my stomach churn) You really made the world an enjoyable place to walk or fly around to then discover a build that someone has truly put their soul into it.(I would also like to thank chisel itself by allowing a new player to add variety to their already boring wood and cobble box)

To all the techies out there, I admire your patience as you try to overcome any task at hand. I thank you for building marvelous factories and intricate programmes using mods such as ComputerCraft, IC2, and Applied energistics to then inspire and really spark the imagination for the rest of the players that only wish to have an AI or a base play the game with you.


And finally i would like to thank the staff that kept this server a float throughout the years and keeping the community as positive as it once was. The admins GrimAugustus, LiosAlpha Mouse_73 and SamShy thank you for sacrificing your time for the betterment  of the server and always bringing a positive vibe to the pack.But this pack wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for Gorath. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing all that you can for making the server for what it is today, you really have done the server justice and I believe a lot of players are thankful for making their minecraft modded experience that much better with your help, you deserve the praise.

FTB Direwolf

This isn’t really my place for a closing statement of this server, but since Shadoking and Lyell aren’t here this will be short but I’ll see to doing my best for Direwolf20.

Direwolf20 was released much earlier than FTB infinity but at the time we were focused on other servers at the time and we felt that we would concentrate on those servers at the time. However with the release of Infinity and the unfortunate decline in players on “Resurrection”. Shadoking and Lyell took the challenge in making a Direwolf server.

With the server open it brought a more casual and toned down experience rather than the intense all zoned PvP experience of infinity. Direwolf20 also brought a modpack that dealt with less mods and mods that weren’t extraordinarily powerful, which allowed for a more chilled out experience and allowing players to take a seat back and enjoy the pack for what the mods brought with only a sprinkle of PvP.

I can’t really say much as I didn’t work on the server that much unless it was in dire need, and truth be told we had ideas to take down the server once FTB beyond was released, however just by looking from the outside I could see a passionate and friendly community that persisted even when the numbers were low. To this day I think the Direwolf20 server fluctuated the most with the number of players on the server at a time, and I have to commend the server and especially the staff for sticking through with that server until the end.

I would like to thank all the staff members that helped on that server, including Musicmanpwns, Conniebooboo, Fysir, Cyvre, Tardy, Dardanion and of course Lyell for putting your experience and effort to make the server what it was at the time.

Legacy Servers

For five years we have hosted minecraft servers and I think it’s best that we reflect on the servers that made us what we are today. It’s only fair that we take a minute to look back at not only minecraft servers but other games that we have hosted in the past.

Games such as Reign of kings and Empyrion have been a huge learning process and have been really enjoyable to play, and a great scenario to see if we were to ever expand. However I feel like there was always one game that caught our eye and had the potential to really thrive and I believe that game was Space engineers.

Space engineers truly was if I would consider Minecraft 2, I’m being serious when i say this but i really felt that Space engineers had every aspect of Minecraft but more and extended it to such a point that it would feel like a mature sequel. And whilst all was nice we had to take off our tinted goggles and realise that the game ran awfully on any machine. So for now Space engineers we will wait and we will be ready to return.

Minecraft; Of course as you know we have run minecraft servers from the beginning of goreacraft and it has been an incredible journey. Starting from humble beginnings with FTB Ultimate and enjoying every ounce of what modded minecraft had to offer and truly showing what a pack experience can bring with great synergy and a vast variety at the time. To then expanding further on to packs such as ‘Unhinged’, ‘Unleashed’ and ‘Monster’.

We even had a little try at our own modpack which was a great experience but unfortunately we didn't have a loud enough voice to get it out there into the public.

1.7.10 was released and we jumped ship to the supposed FTB Ultimate V2.0 ‘FTB Resurrection’. None of the staff members knew what we were in for, but gregtech surprised us on both a technical level and a design level. Hands down gregtech 5 still remains as the best tech mod currently available to modded Minecraft. At the time resurrection for me remains as one of the most in-depth modpacks. However that opinion and joy wasn't celebrated by the majority and unfortunately we had to take down the server due to low interest. I will miss you resurrection.

1.7.10 was also home to the new idea of ‘expert’ packs and although it was met with mixed reactions that didn't stop us from hosting them. FTB infinity expert mode was short lived, however skyblock expert mode was ironically quite the opposite as it headed towards the top packs played at the time. Players were dedicated and were rewarded, and whilst I would disagree with how the pack was designed gamewise that didn’t stop players from reaching the top and completing the pack. So i must congratulate those that achieved that goal.

Overall I will say farewell to all the legacy servers and all the modpacks that we have traversed, they will be missed, and of course I would like to thank all the staff members that have ever helped us accomplish our goals to pursue a quality modded experience.

The Future

Modded Minecraft continues to grow even with a fragmented community, and if it was a perfect world myself and I'm sure the other admins including Gorea would love to continue to host servers. But that's not the case anymore as real life has finally arrived on the doorstep for the majority of us.

As you all well know the the servers have been shut down and the full reason for this is due to running out of money from lack of donations. But this reason obviously was caused due to a multitude of variables that concern the staff and the community;

  1. Lack of staff definitely caused a loss in moderation in the community which causes the staff that are left to make sacrifices having to concentrate on specific servers or spread themselves out thin over all the servers. For me, after the disappointment of Beyond I felt that it was best to concentrate on Infinity and try and keep that server a float with a stable community.
  2. Real life has poked its way through, and a lot of the staff members in fact potentially all are dealing with either work, education or family and for some it’s all of those combined. So unfortunately they all have their hands full.
  3. Our tastes have become very specific. This may take a while to explain so please bare with me. The staff and I have played a lot of modded minecraft so we have experienced a lot of different ideas and themes across the years, which in turn makes us incredibly knowledgable to what we want and what we expect.  With our expertise growing I believe goreacraft as a whole have been constantly looking for greater standards whether that be in overall quality and/or gameplay depth to intrigue not only the playerbase but ourselves. I would be glad to play minecraft on 1.12, but so far there is no Witchery nor is there any signs of Thaumcraft. This happens quite regularly where  some mods come and go which causes attachment issues, but there always is this overwhelming feeling of wanting to play the new version of a mod or minecraft, but sometimes those new versions do not have what we want and potentially will never have what we want. In hindsight this is a bit contradictory as we are always looking to change the scenery of the servers but nothing new fills the gap and so we stick to what is familiar. The point is, if we had the opportunity to really make an impacting experience we would do so.

With that being said, myself and Musicmanpwns are working on a modpack that we are confident you will enjoy. I will hopefully setup a server in the future to beta test this pack, but I have yet to confirm a date on that.

As for that not much will be happening with Goreacraft for some time. I can’t confirm anything other than what i just mentioned and so unfortunately we will be closing shop, I am sorry that it has come to this but alas we must face the facts and embrace the change. The only application that will be up will be discord and the website (until the donation time runs out). You are always welcome to add me on Steam or Discord and of course I will be online if anyone would like to play a game or two.

Before i sign off it is only necessary that I thank all the Super-Admins for putting not only their time but their sweat, tears and soul to really bring a truly lovely community to be with and make friends. Thank you Shadoking75, Spoodhead/Fanatisk, Gorath, Jazzel and ThaiTwinky for making this community shine and continue through the years with exceptional results.

And of course I must give my love and praise to the man that started it all; Gorea, thank you for making all of this happen. Starting from the very beginning with learning how to setup a minecraft server and learning how to make a community stand the test of time. Your perseverance amazes me and most likely amazed a lot of other people. Without your sheer determination I don’t think we would have expanded without your motivation to go ahead and learn Java to keep a server ticking or setting up your own plugins to bring a well rounded experience for every player that has ever stepped onto our fields.You even took it upon yourself to go knee deep and find out how to run a Windows server from scratch, and many other minor things that complete Goreacraft. All this and you have a family to keep up, and as you always express 3 annoying children that also keep you busy. Even if we aren’t able to see each other I really hope that you continue your life with that same drive that allowed Goreacraft to be what it was. Good luck with your endeavours


Thank you to all the players that have joined us over the years I wish you all farewell and I hope that we bump into you in the future. From all of us at Goreacraft we thank you for joining us on our journey and I hope that we have made memories that stick with you forever.

This is Beardedflea signing off.



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Good day righteous followers of the holy potato! I hope you're all enjoying the first spring days. It's finally heating up it seems.

On Goreacraft it's also heating up. Why? Well... you read the title didn't you? FTB Beyond is finally live and playable on goreacraft! The long awaited pack has been tested by some of our regular members, offers a variety of new mods to play with and has let go of some of the less interesting mods. But most importantly, It's a modpack for Minecraft 1.10! You guys have been asking about 1.10 for a while now so... Go out and find yourself some Fossils deep underground, club some polar bears and locate some End Cities!

Not only did we add this modpack to our list of servers, the plugins and such are mostly engineered by gorea himself! This ensures that we have full control over things that might break the game or make multiplayer harder/easier.

Well I wont keep you waiting on how to access this wonderful new playground (giggity). To join this pack simply download the recommended version and connect to beyond . goreacraft . com.

So jump on, have some fun and enjoy the FTB Beyond pack.

See you in the next post,


February Update

shadoking75 posted Feb 19, 17

Hey Everyone!

We thought it would be a good idea to give the community an idea of what we've been doing lately, so without further ado!

  • We've added Discord on top of TeamSpeak. We really like how much easier it is to get help through Discord and how we don't need to be playing a game or on a voice channel in order to get messages.
  • Server web page theme has been updated to look a bit better and feel like winter, we may clean up some of the modules and try to reduce the load time when using phones to go on the site.
  • Gorea has been going crazy with plug-ins and fixing items on our banned items list. If you have any suggestions, shoot him a message (or a carrot, both work.)

As always, if there are any suggestions you have for the server, don't hesitate to mention it on the forums or to a staff member!


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